P is for Practical Magic

I was twelve when I first picked Practical Magic out of the H section of the library.   Younger than the paperback Antonia and Kylie, I had no idea what looked like pulp fiction would inspire for years after as the layers unfolded to match my own experiences.  I thought I could bind my heart but my first case of tall, dark, and brooding lead me banging on a door with no answer beneath a full moon.  I was on fire and it took a lot of sisters (drag queens included) to release that hold.  And in gathering my own strength I could embrace what was always meant to be.  Witchcraft isn’t about spells and potions, it’s about conviction.  “People want to ignore what they can’t understand. They’re looking for logic at any cost.”  I try not to consider how narrowly I missed out on meeting my husband or how we defied logic for getting together (twice) and staying together.  I don’t like any of his music, he doesn’t share the way I do, and neither of us wanted to fall in love when we did.  But this is the man who always showed up when I needed him and “he has the ability to catch someone by the way that he looks at her, and make her wish he would go on looking”.  Just as Sally had the star, the pancakes, and the bi-colored eyes to show her Gary truth, I had my own Amas Vertias at work.  I got to choose the birthday for my first kitten when I was in 3rd grade, image my surprise when this day out of 365 turned out to be his birthday too.  On my wedding day my Mother gave me a book from my childhood about a princess (my father’s favorite nickname for me) and her unicorn called Morgan, which is his last name.  You can brush these off as coincidence or you can find meaning in your life building towards a moment.  Because Alice Hoffman taught me a life can be made in a moment and the best stories are about love.

(number 35 on the pagan blog project week 32)