A Mountain of Tomatillos

To celebrate the passing of semesters, my friends and I travel to Bridgview about 2 hours away to grocery shop. Here, I can stock up on all the things that are unable or very costly in our small town like imported tinned olive oil, bulk feta, middle eastern spices, dried peppers, and orange marmalade from Greece.

Last week, I was greeted by a mountain of tomatillos. Typically, at my local store there is a small sad basket with a few small green orbs with wilted hulks. Excited at the possiblities, I filled a bag with tomatillos, in addition to spring onions, a couple bunches of cilantro, a garlic bulb, and a variety of Mexican cheese – enchilado rojo, cojita, and chihuahua.

Tomatillos always suprise me with their invisible stickiness as you unwrap them to make piles of shinny friut and papery husk blossoms. Tart and fruity, their acidity mellows with heat to blend well into a citrusy salsa.

Tomatillos.jpgTo make the salsa, onions, tomatillos, garlic, and two serranos went into a pan to broil on high for 30 mins until nice and roasty toasty. The veggies were blended up with a handful of cilantro, lime juice, and about 1/2 cup of veggie stock until smooth.

Half the sauce went into a blended sweet potato soup to be used for lunches and the other was used to make roasted poblano enchiladas for easy reheat dinners full of cheese. Celebrating the start of summer with all the flavors I miss from California.


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