Samhain Protection Cleansing

Since moving to the Midwest three years ago, Samhain signals to me that it’s time to pack up Spring and prepare for Winter with a capital “cold”. I dump and store all my perennial pots, cut and dry herbs, trim back bushes one last time, and take in all the water hoses. The shovels are dusted off and the salt buckets are filled. Two years ago it even snowed to further prove the point.

Normally I do a sage ritual for the whole house and bake sometime with lots of carbs. This was always enough for our home in California. Last year I was still exhausted from sending my tiny black cat over the rainbow bridge to do anything more than a quick incense burn. This year I started  seeing shadows early and they’ve been following me for awhile. At least once a day my dog barks at things I cannot see. It was time to renew my wards.

Back in early summer I took a trip to the South and was able to resupply in Memphis. I bought more red brick and rue to replace what I had run out of since visiting NOLA. I decided on a variation on rootwork to respect the energy under my home that sits on stolen soil. I try to appease rather than conquer when crafting protection. The moon is just starting to wax after a new moon last night and I began when at noon when both the sliver of moon and sun were at their highest point.

Samhain Protection Cleansing

  • 1/2 the small bag of Memphis red brick dust
  • dash of rue from Beale street
  • cup of vinegar
  • last lavender bloom of the season
  1. mix in a bucket and set aside
  2. dry sweep porch saying goodbye to spring
  3. use your own incantation over mix to clear the way for your power to flow, reinforce your relationship with the light, and ask for protection in the dark; 3 stanzas, repeat each x 3
  4. close your eyes feel the sunlight fade on your face as you tilt your head towards the highest point in the sky
  5. feel the wind grow colder and wait for the leaves to answer
  6. pour mixture starting at your door in a circle on the porch
  7. sweep until red brick dust is dissolved 



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