Samhain Reflections

Tomorrow is my spiritual new year, a time to reflect on the passing year and kindle new beginnings.
In realizing that I am looking at finishing my MPA in Spring ’18 at an achievable pace for academic excellence, I need to start defining exactly what I want out of this program. These are my two goals:
1. Capacity Building: organizational development, leadership empowerment, and mindful inclusive communities
2. Public Policy: social justice flavored legislative affairs, equitable government contracting/collaboration/programming, political savvy as an intersectional feminist
I feel very supported in achieving these and find myself in a blessed position for success. There are things I need to keep doing and things I need to do to reach my goals, some are tangible but most are about managing my  social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical wellness.
Current paths to lead to goals:
  • Board of Trustees position on reproductive justice organization
  • Leadership position in civil rights/social justice student club
  • Student Inclusion workshops and network building
  • Continued participation in social movement/location/identity educational projects that produce transformative personal change and ignite community service passions
  • Leverage my privilege and skills to promote emerging voices
  • Continue to build my informal “coven” of people who share my vision and uplift my heart
Paths to forge towards goals:
  • Write more. Write more. Write more. Develop this as a personal habit while pursuing ways to publish and be mentored to reach a wider audience and improve my work both a
    cademically and for public platforms
  • Let go of emotionally unhealthy relationships whether with organizations or people, feel good about saying “no” or walking away when it’s best for me
  • Trust myself more and continue to act in a way that doesn’t require me to tout my authority to seek respect; accept my locus point of kindness as a strength and guide
  • Find public policy/government orientated internship for the summer
  • Remember to care for my body. Sleep, eat, and love well. Express myself physically without fear or shame and try to move more.
I celebrate renewal and transformation as the Wheel turns towards darkness and we start the journey towards the light once more.51325907e529104eb3a1dc0381a7d4b8

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