Samhain Cleansing


Halloween always puts me on edge. So I spent the day cleaning to prepare the house for sealing. I start with a cleansing incense blend from Scared Grove in Santa Cruz.

I take my loose incense burner to walk the smoke throughout the house casting a circle using the three exterior doors and my bedroom as the grounding points. I keep a clear mind forcing positive energy through low chanting. I let the smoke burn out in the center of house by my computer. Too many evil spirits live online!

To close, I set up oil burners in the kitchen and bedroom with lemon and clove respectively. Then I spray down the kitty tree with cat nip. Samhain is a night to honor my little creatures of Bast.

Now all I have to worry about is the cold getting in. Its already snowing today. The Goddess must want me to wear the new mittens Anonywitch sent.



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