M is for Mixed Faith Families

I honestly do not know anyone that was raised Pagan or Wiccan.   My witch friends come from Catholic or Atheist roots.  My own Mother is a born again Buddhist while my Grandmother practices Christmas and Easter through food.  Mr. Hedged Paths comes from a Mormon family and will not willingly enter a church unless there  is something artistically significant inside that interests him.  So we keep multiple calendars for all the days that are important to those we love.  We send solstice blessings under the guise of  Christmas cards.  Our families send well wishes on our anniversary, celebrating our love each Beltane.  And for our child?  When that time comes I feel a religious education is important.  To understand the variety of beliefs available and respect all forms of worship.  I can only hope they will be as awe inspired by nature as me and follow the goddess.  Being kind is more important that any doctrine.

(number 37 on the pagan blog project week 26)


2 thoughts on “M is for Mixed Faith Families

  1. My husband and I have had this dicussion regarding our future children several times. He comes from a Catholic family (he is now athiest), and I come from a Lutheran family (I’m pagan). We celebrate almost every holiday simply because its family tradition, and plan to do the same with our children. I’ll teach them my holidays and we will celebrate them in whatever fashion we decide, but we will still get together with our families for Easter and Christmas since they are such big holidays for our families. I think it is best to let children decide for themselves which path they wish to take. My parents raised me to think for myself, and I hope to do the same for my chidlren.

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