Vanilla Blackberry Cashew Cake

It was time again to be brave and tackle a dessert I found on Pinterest, a raw blackberry lemon lavender vegan “cheesecake” from Fragrant Vanilla Cake.  I choose this mainly because I had hazelnuts and dates left over from my last dessert experiment.

So this thing is suppose to look really pretty.

Guess which one is mine!

Guess which one is mine!

I have come to the point where I am okay with the fact I lack two skills that would make me a great food blogger.  One is photography and the other is making pretty desserts.  My sister witch makes pretty desserts, but she follows recipes.   I don’t really like recipes or directions.  I am more of a what do I have that would work sort of cook.  I favor technique and flavor and cannot be trusted to build IKEA furniture.

I just accept that if it tastes good is the same texture and shape I was going for it’s a job well done.   In the spirit of imperfection, let’s do this!

Vanilla Blackberry Cashew Cake
gather things like this

for the filling
3 cups of soaked cashews
1/2 cup of shredded coconut
juice half a lemon, add some zest if you are fancy
unscrew the honey bear and add two big squeezes
pinch of salt
1/2 of liquid state coconut oil
1 teaspoon each of coconut and vanilla extract
a couple vanilla beans if you happened to find them in the back of the pantry almost dried
some sugar
berries (frozen is fine)

for the crust
equal parts hazelnuts and shredded coconut, about a 1/3 cup each
a couple graham crackers
enough pitted dates to make it stick together (like 5ish)

to start
Make the crust by placing the crust things in your food processor, you may want to chop up the dates like the source material said because the whole dates caused my Cuisinart to smoke like we were summoning the Dark Lord.
Once your crust is mixed, squish it into the bottom of your pan. I have a spring baking pan from IKEA that I had never used before so that made me feel accomplished.

now your filling
IMG_1451Wipe out your food processor and add in all the filling things except for the coconut oil, berries, and sugar. Zoom until your cashews are broken down a bit and everything is mixed up. Then while on slowly add the oil to emulsify. I let this mix for like 8 minutes while I continued to squish my crust but the filling still looked lumpy. I found looking lumpy is fine as long as there aren’t any palatable chunks. Add half the filling to the top of the crust. To make the berry layer, warm up your berries in a bit of water and the sugar until they are ice cream topping soft. Then add your berry mix to your remaining filling and zoom in processor and add to the top.IMG_1455

set in freezer overnight
transfer to fridge in the morning
should be set by the time you want dessert after work



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