Liebster Award

My dear friend Anonywitch has waved her wand and conjured up a Liebster Award for Hedged Paths.  In keeping with the Liebester tradition, I have included 11 random facts about me and answered the questions Anonywitch sent with the award.  I am paying it forward to the five blogs listed below to encourage our community to grow and share.  These are all blogs that I started reading because of my involvement with the Pagan Blog Project 2014 and are now in top spots on my Feedly.

Blessed be!

Here’s 11 things about me…

  1. I’ve made my home on the Chesapeake Bay, Pacific Ocean, and Saint Joesph river but have only lived with one partner who I married.
  2. My husband and I shared one car for 7 years.
  3. The longest I have gone without a pet since I was seven was two nonconsecutive years.
  4. I would rather do the dishes at the animal shelter where I work than the ones at home.
  5. I enjoy going to see movies in the theater by myself.
  6. If I could only have one make-up product it would be brow gel.
  7. I learned to cook from watching to the Food Network.
  8. I would drop everything and become John Water’s personal assistant in a hot mess minute.
  9. I read about a book a week, without Overdrive linked to the library I’d be screwed.
  10. I am currently in the process of qualifying for graduate degree in nonprofit administration after being rejected from vet school three years running.
  11. I try to text my Grandma everyday now that I live far from her.  We would go months without talking when I was close, but now she worries.

Anonywitch Asks:

What is one thing about you that people can’t tell just by looking at you?

Depending on my shirt, that my nipples are pierced.

What’s your favorite dessert?


How do you wake up in the morning?

One of two ways.  Either it’s two hours before I need to be at work, a cup of ginger, lemon, and honey tea, catch up on social media, stretch, shower, carefully dress and apply make-up, hot breakfast, grab a cup of coffee and off to work.  Or 30 min rush out the door praising the powers that be for k-cups, dry shampoo, and bb cream.

Who do you think has the most potential to fix the world: politicians, activists, or regular folks (or none of the above)?

I believe choices shape the world, the more choices someone has to make for other people the more power they wield.

Which book has most changed your life and how?

Everyone has that one guilty pleasure book they have worn out.  Mine is Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman.  I found it in public library when I was in middle school and blessed with a Mother who thought all reading was created equal, I wasn’t monitored with my check outs.  It showed me what I had already began to understand about women, some of us have the potential to be consumed by love.

Whom do you admire? Why?

I am not often speechless, but when I was standing in front of Neil Gaiman getting my book signed all I could manage to talk about where my cats.  His stories live at the edge of reality where shadows play.  I have no idea how I would react if given the chance to meet Ani DiFranco, her songs have been my battle cry.

What fictional character are you most like?

I couldn’t answer this honestly.  I want to say I am like Anita Blake, but I am not so dangerous.  Or I could say Paige  but I am not that submissive.  If anything, my husband finds Bob’s Burger’s hilarious because one day I will grow up and be Linda Belcher.  I present the following evidence.

Tell me about your tattoos. If you don’t have any, what tattoo(s) would you like to get?

At 19 I got a feather on my right arm to signify the rehabilitation of a crow who I helped survive the West Nile virus.  My left thigh is an abstract of blue diamonds over a green field.  I have a half-sleeve on my left arm of red roses which took years to finish.  It was a practice of my patience and body image to go through the waiting.  It taught me to let go of what I look like now as it would change soon enough.  It’s how I reconciled not losing weight before my wedding to fit the idea in my head.  Once I became happy with the now, my weight actually stabilized.  My most meaningful tattoo is the simple goddess symbol on my right wrist, it is mirrored in purple on my person, Anonywitch.

What do you find beautiful?

There is a perfect moment sometime between children and kittens in which both parties realize their own capacity for violence and agree to be gentle to each other.  It’s in that reservation and control where I see the magic of the human-animal bond.

What is your signature dish? (Something you actually can and do make.)

I am a scramble goddess.  Give me a near empty fridge and some eggs and I can make a meal.

How do you channel your creativity?

Work.  I love updating Standard Operation Policy and preparing print/social media collateral.   The blog I started for my last job is still running strong and their Facebook keeps expanding.  I was at my new position a little over a month before they turned over the weekly newspaper ads to me.  I love it when people connect with a new pet because of something I wrote.


Thank you for making me smile, consider, and feel connected to fellow witches.  If you choose to accept, here my questions for you.

  1. Why did you start your blog?
  2. Are you open about your witchy ways or do you keep this part of your life quiet?
  3. Pick a place you’d love to visit but wouldn’t want to live.
  4. Witches in popular culture, choose a character to love or loathe and why.
  5. What are the three things you always have in your fridge?
  6. Tell me about a time you were speechless.
  7. Which holiday do you go all out for?
  8. Are you a good witch or a bad witch?
  9. Describe something that you would not comprise on.
  10. Would you rather have the Pagan Blog Project go ABCD or are you liking the AABB format?
  11. Do you plan out your blog posts or “wing it” each week?

I look forward to reading your responses!


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