J is for Jewel and Jupiter

In the summer of ’96 Foolish Games never left my cd player and by ’98 I had memorized all the songs on Spirit.  Jewel was the first song writer that I clung too hearing the same longings I had.  If we were all just nicer to each other things would suck less.  Her love songs were filled with myth and at my age I understood the allegory more than the emotion.  I’ve been playing mix cds in my car on my commute that I unearthed in the move.  Most of them are not labeled and play more like the 90’s on shuffle than a thoughtful album.  After the Bosstones and Foo Fighters came Jupiter from Jewel.  I belted out every word from some forgotten corner of my mind and realized I had chased down those promises of romance to make them my own.



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