D is for Dove’s Heart Oil

Doves always seem calm from a distance.  Take a few fast steps towards them and watch as they explode into feathers and fury to flee.  That was me six months ago, my head tucked in inhaling my annotated wrists and praying my calmness was not disturbed.  I wanted so desperately to be left alone because I was not sure which direction I’d run if challenged.

To have the heart of a dove is seek kindness and respond to calm.  All to often the expectation is set to “now”.  It has to be done now, you have to know now, you have to be ready now.  The conflict was all around me; I was at the end of my branch and the tree was on fire.  I had to make a choice now.  So I chose space, I chose time, I chose beginning.  I found clarity in starting over and strength in closure.  From my place of peace, I can let others in a replace their hurry with kindness.


(number 71 on the pagan blog project week 8)


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