cilantro contingencies

cilantro storageMy local grocery store has challenged me to a cilantro throw-down.  Large bunches are my only option and I am not one to waste.  I had tried wrapping the bunch of herbs in paper towels and placing in ziploc bags only to find a mushy dark green ooze in the middle days later.  I next tried to store it like I do green onions, in a flower vase with a little water at the bottom and  plastic bag over it.  This produced yellow leaves in less than a week.  Preservation felt out of grasp.  Then I remembered how I had scoffed at the salad in a jar idea until I tried it and it really did keep things fresh.  I went about stripping the leaves off my fresh batch of cilantro, rising & spinning them down, and placing the clean leaves in mason jars.  Two weeks later and it’s fresh as the day I bought it.  And the stems go right in the freezer bag for stock.  A little more effort after shopping but no more spoiled greens.


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