C is for Candlemas and Cailleach

When we moved to Indiana, I thought I was prepared for winter.  I had spent my first 12 years on the east coast and was never truly cold in California.  I believed I had retained my frozen roots and had nothing to worry about.  Our first real snow here was magical, our dog was gleeful, my husband wanted to make snow men, there was hot coco and cookies.  All hail winter and fuzzy gloves and tall boots!

poe snow

Then there was today, blessed fucking Candlemas, when my 4×4 got trapped in my driveway and I didn’t even bother to put on a bra and change out of my yoga pants to dig it out.  You see after our first excitement over the white stuff Mother Nature decided to show us all in the Midwest she can be a bitch if she wants too.  Record lows that caused us to stream a little water in our sink all night and day to make sure the pipes didn’t freeze while my friends out west brace for a drought.  At first school closures are nice and then you realize they closed the schools but not the mall so your husband still has to go to work.  You start to be thankful about the curry you decided to freeze last month so you don’t have to try to make it to the store when you can’t see more than 3 feet ahead of your car.  You become a little tougher until 27 degree weather, like today, is warm enough for a witch’s tit.

snow gnome

It is said if snow if on the ground today Cailleach is asleep and Spring is coming soon.  I should take this time to wander in the snow reflect on the bitter cold while envisioning the warm Spring.  I should light my house and prepare for longer days.  I should eat the spicy food of the sun with sour cream to cool it down and remind me of the calves in womb waiting.  I should open mulled wine and fill my mouth with the promise of fertile ground made moist by the abundance of this ice filled land.  Instead I am suspicious.  The icicles are dripping today and I think the hag is using today to gather firewood for a long winter.  Now is the time to bunker down for more cold, replace the starter in the snow blower, update my NetFlix queue, make some cinnamon tea because my 10 day forecast says frozen mix without the benefit of the word “drink” to follow.

(number 75 on the pagan blog project week 5)


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