B is for Black, Blue, and Tattoos

In my house we separate the laundry into darks and blacks.  Black has been my clothing color choice since I was allowed to make such decisions on my own.  And when you think of witches, you think of black.  Black hats, charcoal cats, iron cauldrons, and dark concoctions.

These last five years have been all about blue.  Blue was the color of my work uniform, the color of the denim that kept my legs free of animal bites, and the color of the logo that signed my checks.  I gave up a lot of black to wear blue which is why three months into that job I had the goddess symbol etched in black on my wrist.  This was completely against dress code but I felt secure in my own outlook on the universe.  The less of an imprint you make, the less less of an imprint you will receive.  I did not ask permission for my tattoo or speak to anyone about its addition to my body.  As I said nothing about it, no one ever said anything to me.  Slowly I began to notice changes.  My boss stopped wearing her wrist cuffs and let her black ink free.  Co-workers started to speak up against this restriction.  Eventually, the whole code was under review and I like to think my covert actions had in a small way provided liberation.

I am allowed small choices each day to set my impact which is why I will reach for that black sweater and black boots.  Black is my power color because it is the new moon and anything is possible.  When I wear white I worry life will leave it’s mark, I cannot physically live up to white as I bump too often into things.  Black absorbs what is thrown my way and allows me to carry the energy I seek.  Besides, all proper dark wave girls wear black and 50 years of Morticia Adams cannot steer your fashion wrong.

(entry number 47 on the pagan blog project week 3)


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