It All Comes Together Eventually Chili

Somethings I think I am doing too many things at once that seem in conflict.  It used to things like teamwork building and individual goals and now it’s finishing school while finding a job.  I just keep throwing things into my pot and hoping I turn out fine.  But I’ve found when given enough time and the proper motivation, everything does come together eventually and often in a new way.

When I make chili I try to use whatever I happen to have on hand.  Today I went to Mejier and found hominy and chipolte salsa on the bottom shelf of the vaguely “Mexican” section.  If I don’t use hominy I’ll add sweet potato chunks or roasted corn.  You need a balance of sweet and heat to give the earthy beans and acidic tomato sauce some interest.  It’s always the people who make you laugh or who make your blood boil that cause your day to change in one direction in the other.  Too much heat will make it hard to swallow and too much sweet will become boring after awhile.  Everything will come together when you cannot taste too much of either in the mix and are left with a gentle buzz of both.

chili one

it all comes together eventually chili

edible requirements
one large onion
3-4 small or 1-2 large sweet peppers; bells, hungarian, poblano, hatch are all good choices
1-2 hot peppers; add fresh jalapenos during cooking for extra heat or picked jalapenos as garish to control your spice
one can of crushed tomatoes
three cans of beans, black/pinto/red
one can of hominy or one sweet potato, or 2 cups roasted corn
one small can of chipolte salsa or chili paste/sauce of choice
more of cumin, coriander, chili powder, salt/pepper; less of nutmeg, honey, paprika
garnish options: avocado, sour cream, green onion, cilantro, lime
oil of choice

chili two

do these things
in your largest cauldron add chopped oil, chopped onions and peppers
once your peppers and onions are nutty and brown add your spices to toast

cumin and coriander are the main notes and are backed up with a little nutmeg and paprika; add as much honey as you need to add sweetness missing in your starch choice

rinse your canned beans and add them to the pot to mix with the veggies and spices
add in the can of crushed tomatoes, stir, and bring to a low simmer
allow the mix to sit in the heat with the occasional stir to keep the bottom from burning until desired thickness
recipe will yield many bowls with no two tasting exactly the same

chili three


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