Potions Class: bitters final day

After seven weeks of waiting, my bitters was still very pungent.  My flavorings did not overcome the Everclear and I needed to use a bit of magic to intervene.

bitters strained

I started by straining both the solid parts from potions one and two and setting aside the liquor.  The solids were placed in a pot with 2 cups of water and another 1/2 of orange zest and 1 cup of passionflower.  This mix was left to come to a boil on the stove and steep for 30 mins.   After straining, this mix created about a cup of flavor tea that I could use to dilute the alcohol.  I mixed equal parts of the water and the liquor concentrates to finish.

bitters on stove

The final product is a dark murky potion that tastes like bitter coca-cola syrup and looks like swamp water.  I am none too pleased.  I’ve tried it in a couple cocktails and found it much too bitter.   I may just pour the whole project down the drain or bottle it for new puppy owners to discourage chewing.  It’s truly that bad.  Failures are just part of experimentation, better to try and end up with a dog training aid!


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