fridge demon banishment potion

Moving out of a rental has a ritual that has always irritated me, that final clean. Preparing the house for the walk through to make sure it’s in order should be straight forward; it’s not like I haven’t been living there it should be easy enough to polish the place up. Wrong. Once you start packing all you can see are stains, crumbs, and residue. You are gross. How could you have lived in this flith?! So you start scrubbing only to realize you are never going to enjoy this very clean home you are creating. I imagine this is what is it like to clean up a crime scene. You only get rewarded if you make it look like you were never there to begin with.


Here’s a deeper question. When you move out, do you scrub away your crafting too? Alters are boxed up, runes earsed, and tokens are take down. But what about the sage buried in the rocks outside or the years of blessings you’ve made. Does that power stay once you’ve left? I do believe the layer of time alters a place and remains. You can’t ever hit a complete reset button and erase your presence completely. Just as you will never be able to rid your space of every loose cat hair.

elphie fluff

But securing your full deposit back from the landlord is more about the visual and less about the metaphysical. If you are like me and are too busy filling your fridge when it’s empty to bother a full clean through you may notice various demonic deposits when you move out. Those need to be dealt with as you do not want to have the cost of a professional service deducted from your deposit. And if that terrible Conjuring movie taught me anything it was people just don’t understand when witches leave their mark on a place.

fridge demon banishment potion

needed items
regular white vinegar
baking soda

do these things
sprinkle the demonic ooze with a healthy coat of baking soda
use the towel to create a circle around the baking soda covered area to contain the magic
pour or spray the vinegar to activate the potion
allow the bubbles to fester and wipe away
(this potion will also work on any urine stains left by your familiars)


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