letting go curry

There is something about cauliflower that cannot be controlled.  No matter how carefully you try, you can never get all the florets to a uniform size.  Those little crumbles of rebellion are telling you to let it go.


The more things fall apart the smaller they are.  When you lose your job, find out your landlord is putting your rental up for sale, and realize your husband’s school cannot figure out a graduation time line all in the same week you are just left with the big pieces.  Those become, what do you want to do, where do you want to live, and how does my partner finish school. You get to start over when you answer the big questions differently than you did the day before.


The universe had cleared the way; job, house, school were all suddenly up for reinterpretation.  We had been stalling our way out of California and now there were no excuses left.  It was time to head east where the trees were starting to change too.  The initial relocation shock is starting to wear off and I need to clear the internal blocks.  You can put miles between you and your perceived failures and still carry them with you.  I need to let go of what happened, embrace a new start bringing with it only the seasoned bits that make me wiser and adding butter until it’s no longer bitter.

letting go curry

edible requirements
one head of cauliflower or give up some control and buy a bag already in bits
one yellow bell pepper to add optimism
jar of curry sauce because it’s this is all about ease
cumin, coriander, salt/pepper
garnish options: green onion and cilantro
oil of choice

do these things
harness your fire source at 450 degrees (or a little less if your electric oven is bewitched like mine)
attack cauliflower until you feel the pieces will be pleasant to fit in your mouth
sprinkle with cumin, coriander, salt, and pepper
drizzle in some oil and toss it up
place seasoned cauliflower florets in a baking dish and into oven
chop your peppers into bite size bits and prepare your garnish, now would be a good time to start some rice
check your cauliflower about 15 minutes in, may need another five or it could be starting to char (cursed oven)
in a thick pan start sautéing your peppers and add cauliflower once both are cooked through
add jar of curry sauce and let simmer per jar instructions
top with garnish, serve over rice or whatever else you like
begin to see your place in the world as a little less overwhelming



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